About Us

ICRDM Training is a Subsidiary product of ICRDM. ICRDM Training is a platform that provides training assistance to the Pharmaceutical, Clinical and IT fields. We have a highly-skilled expert and expert team to teach in a wide range of subjects. That is why we are here to deliver effective and practical training to the students and professionals. Our commitment to our students and employees is unfaltering. ICRDM Training keeping abreast with the latest versions, updates in various technologies and current market strategies, requirements, trends, and strengths. With this determined attitude of providing better services, we ventured into all the technologies in the above different fields.

With the assistance of dedicated, professional and qualified staff members, we are offering the best quality training for different courses as follows:

Clinical: Courses that Include (Clinical Research, Clinical Data Management, Clinical SAS, Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Coding, Medical Writing, Aggregate Reporting, Medical Imaging and Many more)

Pharma: Courses that include (Drug Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Research & Development, HPLC, RAPS, RACS, BA-BE Studies and Many more) and

ICRDM Information Technology: Training that includes (Java, Oracle, Microsoft, SAS, Selenium, Hadoop, Cognos, PHP, Tableau and many more).

Every year so several students coming out of the colleges and colleges from various areas with different educational backgrounds to strive for an opportunity in IT or Pharma or in Clinical Industries. Most of the students are bothering to choose which one is the best for their career? Various people don’t know where to reach? And which courses want to take? No need to worry! ICRDM training is the ideal solution for your all doubts. ICRDM Training is the best platform for Training and Job Placements, with highly-skilled and experienced staff to achieve the organizational goals, we have the skills to serve your requirements.

ICRDM Training gives great importance to providing high-quality educational training to students & employees. With our best quality morals, mentors with deep experience, great useful expertise, useful applications in the industry through practical training methodologies, ICRDM Training strives to make students more skilled and employable. By joining a career Training with us, ICRDM Provide:

  • A wide type of career, trained, short term and certification Training designed for the learning and career needs of the clients
  • Workshops, events and other projects to support student industry communication, prepare them for job interviews and make them industry ready to work
  • ICEDM Classroom and Online training are available with Live mode, All lectures and materials remain open for the length of the Training
  • Job fairs, campus employment drives, and also conduct regularly for students to get job placements on successful course fulfillment
  • Conventional classrooms coupled with advanced e-learning methodologies
  • Your Flexibility to learn whenever whatever and wherever you need

Our ICRDM Training is not only beneficial for the students and learners but also for Colleges, Universities and Corporate companies. Your expert course training or experience might be similar to college-level learning. College and universities want to train their learners to get to improve in a job with campus employment. Colleges need specialist trainers to teach all the necessary and advanced courses in practical use and Organizations need to improve their employees in different technologies to generate Business and Growth. For this ICRDM has come up with a solution of Classroom and Online Trainings to conduct special classes, seminars at your college or universities or @ Corporate Offices.